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International Fire Conference & Exhibition of Malaysia 2024

An event is being organized by the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (FRDM), in collaboration with the Malaysian Fire Protection Association (MFPA), the Institution of Fire Engineers (UK) Malaysia Branch (IFE), the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) and the Confederation of Fire Protection Associations International (CFPA-I). It is happening at the prestige place of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

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International Fire Chiefs' Association of Asia

Maintain friendly relations among fire chiefs in Asia and Oceania; promote study of techniques and measures for protecting human lives and property from fire; exchange knowledge and information on the fire service, contributing to development of fire services in Asia and Oceania.

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Malaysia International Rescue Challenge

Firefighters are unsung heroes of our nation who put their lives on the line to save others.
The inaugural Malaysia International Rescue Challenge (MIREC) brought together the unsung heroes from 8 countries to put their best rescue practices and expert use of rescue equipment and technology to the test.

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Welcome Message

On behalf of Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia and the entire organizing committee of the International Fire Conference and Exhibition (IFCEM), we wish to welcome you to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Holding this auspicious event is another milestone for the organizing committee especially FRDM as we have tried our best to make IFCEM as one of the most established avenues for local and international intellectuals, experts, scholars, corporations, and emergency entities to deliberate and exchange information and specialties in fire safety and disaster management. It has opened the door to various opportunities to all the participants in showcasing knowledge and to increase productivity in the form of published conference proceedings and trade shows to advertise to the target market and create brand awareness to the targeted range of audiences.               

As we navigate the post-pandemic era with the emerging of the complex challenges such as global warming and extreme climate changes, high population density and risks exposure, evolution of new technologies and the use alternative fuels and energy, we have to come together and find the solution which can strengthen the core tenets of common inter-institutions system between nations to overcome and mitigate the emergence of risks, new disasters and threats. Thus, with the theme “Enhancing the Capacity”, we seek the knowledge, new solutions, and strategies to face up the challenges and to enhance our preparedness and efficiency, thus optimizing the expected outcomes for the benefit of the people.

In this year’s IFCEM, the speakers are uniquely placed to debate, discuss, and highlight the key points, trends, and reforms in the system for the audience. I understand that the conference paper should do something that an article cannot. Thus, it would be great to hear from our impressive roster of distinguished speakers from all over the globe to deliberate on the topics of influence, priorities, development and comparison of the current fire safety and disaster management scenarios to international standards in the same field.

Apart from the conference, IFCEM also provides an outstanding platform and excellent networking opportunities for industry players to engage with the audience through their participation in the exhibition. The exhibitors from fire safety key players, developer companies, as well as oil and gas industry have registered in this event, and they will showcase their products and latest innovations. I believe that such exhibition may be a powerful medium for meeting new customers, reaching out to the existing clientele, and building a more established and reliable brands.

This time also we are honoured to be the host for two other significant events – the International Fire Chiefs’ Association of Asia (IFCAA) 33rd General Conference and Malaysia International Rescue and Extrication Challenge (MIREC) and IFCAA Joint Drill which will be held concurrently with the IFCEM.

Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartiest gratitude to all our collaborative partners namely the International Fire Chiefs’ Association of Asia (IFCAA), the Institution of Fire Engineers Malaysia (MFPA), the Confederation of Fire Protection Associations-International (CFPA-i) and the Malaysian Fire Protection Association (MFPA) for their undivided support toward the success of the event.  

Almost two years went into the preparation of this conference. We hope that all the program that have been arranged make this auspicious event a worthwhile experience for you.

Thank you. 

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Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Kuala Lumpur, 50088, Malaysia 


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